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Fall Winter Collection

Nature is the biggest teacher
Through history, nature has been always a source of inspiration for the human begin in different aspects of their life. Its colors, contradictions and textures are a constant motive of surprise for those who want to see it. Our pocketing for this collection is inspired by the bark of a Platanus tree. Even this small piece shows a fantastic colour setting and interesting textures. The full collection of chinos and denims perfectly matches this colour setting, offering a broad range of essentials for a timeless wardrobe. 


What makes STEFF truely your favorite trouser brand? The perfect fitting, because a well-fitting pair of pants is a piece of art. Not to loose or baggy, nor skintight and with enough space around the belly area. Nothing but the best for your comfort. 


It's all in the details. Our love for the mountains in the logo, the lucky penny in your hidden safety pocket, the unique pocketing that adds that little extra to your trousers...

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